Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2024, Full Specs & Review

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan and Full Specifications

Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan is 157,900. The Honda CD 70 is regarded as being simple, trustworthy, and effective in the world of motorbikes. The CD 70 has been around since its first introduction in several nations, including Pakistan. The Honda CD 70 is a well-known and affordably priced commuter motorbike that has gained popularity among riders looking for low-cost transportation options due to its durability, efficiency, and universal appeal. This article looks at the Honda CD 70’s distinguishing characteristics and the technological developments that have increased its attractiveness to riders while also providing a thorough technical analysis of the bike.

The Honda CD 70 occupies a sizable portion of the Pakistani motorbike market because to its ease of use, robustness, and affordability. Many drivers, from city employees to people who live in rural areas, prefer the CD 70 as their commuter motorcycle of choice today. The factors affecting the availability, popularity, and price of the Honda CD 70 among motorbike owners in Pakistan are looked at in this article.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Honda CD 70 is a compact yet powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This engine is ideal for short excursions and city travel because it has a 72cc relocation. As a result of its 4-stroke architecture, the motorcycle uses less gasoline and produces less emissions, which further enhances its ecological appeal. An overhead camshaft (OHC) setup is used in the CD 70’s engine.

This method increases the performance of the engine and improves the efficiency of fuel use while enhancing power delivery by precisely controlling both the intake and exhaust valves. The OHC system also reduces engine friction, which leads to an engine that runs more smoothly and has a longer lifespan.

Design and Build 

One of the things that makes the CD 70 stand out is its traditional design. The motorcycle, which exudes simplicity and usefulness, may be used by a wide range of riders. The body’s single-seat construction enables an elevated and comfortable riding position. The basic design ensures a smooth and pleasant ride even at low speeds, which is not only a question of personal choice but also enhances aerodynamic efficacy.

honda cd 70 price in Pakistan

The CD 70’s structure is constructed from high-quality materials to provide sturdiness and endurance. Honda is dedicated to creating motorcycles that can withstand the demands of regular commuting and shifting driving circumstances, and this motorcycle’s high-quality manufacturing is evidence of that commitment.


The CD 70’s transmission system features four speeds and a constant mesh. This gearbox configuration makes it easy to change gears smoothly, which is crucial for urban riding where frequent gear changes are the usual. Cycling is more flexible and in control because of the smooth gear activation made attainable by the continual mesh design.

Suspension and Handling 

Additionally, the CD 70 performs wonderfully in this regard. Every motorcycle must have comfortable and controlled riding. The front suspension has telescopic forks that effectively absorb shocks and vibrations to provide the car a smooth ride even on unpaved roads. The motorbike is much more prepared to manage rough roads thanks to the twin shock absorbers that are installed in the rear suspension configuration.

Braking System

The CD 70’s robust braking system is equipped with drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Due to the constant stopping power offered by drum brakes, riders can maintain control in a variety of situations. Drum brakes are more cost-effective, need less maintenance, and are perfect for the CD 70’s intended use as a commuting motorcycle despite the fact that disc brakes are becoming more and more popular.

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Fuel Efficiency 

One of the finest features of the Honda CD 70 is its exceptional fuel efficiency. A combination of the motorcycle’s powerful engine, carefully calibrated transmission, and aerodynamic design results in amazing efficiency. This feature makes it possible for riders who want to save money on petrol to make an informed decision about the CD 70.

Affordability and Accessibility

The Honda CD 70 is widely known for being affordable, making it available to a range of customers searching for dependable transportation. This cost-effective feature, together with Honda’s reputation for high technical competence, may be responsible for the popularity and longevity of the CD 70 in the market.

Affordable transportation

One of the most charming aspects of the Honda CD 70 is its pricing. This Bike is a mobility option that’s affordable for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Due to the high pricing, which has proven pivotal, the CD 70 is a regular sight on Pakistani roads.

The cost of the CD 70 is in line with what the general public expects in a country where access to affordable transportation is a big issue for many. It is a tempting option for anybody looking for a practical means to get someplace on a low budget because it offers a stable mode of transportation without putting a big financial burden on those who own it.

Factors Influencing Honda Prices

The price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is influenced by a variety of elements that take into account the motorcycle’s specifications, building requirements, and consumer demand. A vital component or parts include: design has a strong emphasis on usability and convenience of usage. 

The CD 70 simple design helps to conserve money without abandoning its practical features, although other higher-end bikes could offer cutting-edge functions and innovative concepts.

In Pakistan, Honda has a significant local manufacturing presence. This localization of manufacturing enables the business to cut expenses related to importing bikes, parts, and components, which eventually has an impact on the price of the motorbike. 

A factor in the cost-effectiveness of the CD 70 is its outstanding fuel economy. The pricing of the CD 70 is influenced by Honda’s track record of building dependable and long-lasting bikes, which allows riders to travel farther distances on less gasoline, lowering their overall fuel consumption costs. When consumers believe in a brand, they are prepared to invest in it because they know it will provide value in the long run.

Accessibility, Market Penetration and CD 70 Price in Pakistan:

Because it is convenient and affordable, the Honda CD 70 has a wide distribution and a large market share in Pakistan. The CD 70 Price in Pakistan 2024 is Rs 157,900.

Economic Impact 

The affordability of the CD 70 has favorable impacts on the whole economy. The motorcycle is a practical mode of transportation that enables individuals to go to and from their places of employment, educational institutions, and other locations without having to pay exorbitant commuting charges. This also encourages social interaction and economic mobility.

What is best the Price of CD 70 in Pakistan?

The Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is Rs 157,900.

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